Monday, 2 May 2011

Forza Italia!

The mighty Italian armoured forces are shaping up. They will be used (why do I get flashes of burning wrecks…) in East and North Africa, together will masses of tiny soldiers waiting to be painted.
Here we have the first batch of armour and vehicles.
M11/39 and lorry from GHQ
Semovente and CV3/35 from Heroics & Ros
M13/40 and Autoblinda, also from H&R.
Here’s the whole bunch, probably speeding back from the front-lines as fast as they can go.
It’s obvious that the GHQ-vehicles are far superior when it comes to detailing.
All vehicles are based on Flames of War (FoW) bases, the smallest model, painted with a mix of fine sand and beige paint (Flügger Egg Dream), followed by a wash of Devlan Mud. The models are pinned to the bases, and after that a dry-brush of Egg Dream (without the sand obviously) giving some shade beneath and around the vehicles.
I’m thinking about how to distinguish the vehicles from each other (Let’s see, Commander Pescatore sits in the right-hand M13/40, or does he? He did turn left two rounds ago, so it could be the front left one, or… Look out, British armour! Bam! Boom! Crash! Bummer, never mind, it doesn’t matter anymore…)


  1. Oj, det var raskt marcherat! Min ensamma Matilda och lastbil kan nog inte stå emot horden med italianos. Hm, får ta och lägga på ett kol med målandet kanske.

  2. BTW, vi är ANZAC, inte britter.