Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Miniatures Man 50K Giveaway

So, this blog has passed 50 000 hits surprisingly enough. I guess it is time for a give-away.
I’ve been down in the mines under the tin- and plastics-mountain and excavated some stuff that could possibly be of interest.
So, what gives?
Four winners will receive a pack from below. All miniatures come as you see them, probably not in their original packaging and probably not with bases attached.
1. The 40K Gretchin Pack
Seven Gretchin from Games Workshop and their 40K range. Mechanics and ammo-bearers. Long since out of print. One with a broken foot.
2. 40K Deff Kopta Pack
One old School Deff Kopta, the Orky attack helicopter.
3. The Rackham Wolfen Pack
Wolfen with Crossbow, Wolfen Hunter and Onyx the Prowler
4. The Chainmail Monster Pack
Four figures from WotC:s 28mm fantasy Chainmail game - a gnoll fighter, orc skeleton, goblin crossbowman and troglodyte zombie + a Reaper Lupine Rager as a bonus.
5. The Chainmail Heroes Pack
female paladin, a wizard, a gnome infiltrator and a marine.
6. The WWII Pack
A box of Caesars lovely Panzer Grenadiers in camo smocks.

Finally, the rules:
1. You must be a public follower of this blog, old or new. Gives you one chance in the draw.
2. You must comment below so I know you’re interested. List what you’re interested in or get a random pick if you’re one of the winners.
3. Write a line or two about this giveaway on your own blog, with a link to this post, for an extra chance to win.
4. If you’ve linked from your blog, then tell me (and the world) so, and give us a link to that post in your comment.
5. You have until Sunday January 26, noon GMT, to apply. Then I will randomly (using dice of course!) select the winners and post about them on my blog within a day or two.
6. You will have to come back to me in a reasonable time to be eligible; if not then someone else will get the stuff.
7. Stretch goal! If I reach 100 followers before this ends, I will unlock another winner, so a total of five packs will be sent to some lucky winners.
8. If your prize is lost or damaged in the mail, then it’s a shame. Better luck next time.

This is what some of the figures can look like when assembled and painted:
Goblin crossbow man, gnoll fighter and orc skeleton from the Chainmail Monster Pack
Female paladin, gnome infiltrator and human marine from the Chainmail Heroes Pack

Welcome new follower Baconfat with Baconfat Log blog – piles of lead, cyanoacrylate and toxic paint. Lots of interesting wargames going on there.


  1. Congratulations on the hits count, I would like to enter please for No3. the wolves, I will come back with a link once I have published my next post

    1. There is a link to your competiton here

  2. Grots for me please. Will also chime back later with a blog link.


  3. My hearty congratulations as well, I would also like to be put down for a chance at the wolfen pack. cheers.

  4. Congrats on the 50k. I'll stay out of this prize draw though

  5. Congratulations on the milestone! Please put me down for the WWII pack. I will do a post and link back later this week!

  6. Congrats on the 50K the next 50 will come round quicker though :-)

    I would like to go for

    WWII Pack

    Chainmail Heroes

    Wofen Pack

    Try and do the link tonight


  7. Congrats, mate!
    Put me down for the WW2 pack, failing that the Wolfen, please.
    You are now plugged on my blog:

  8. Well done, Jocke, I'm now following your blog as well.


  9. Congratulations of the landmark! I was already one of yoiur followers in any case. Intersted in the IIWW pack, please

  10. Congrats, added your blog to my blogscroll! I'm certainly interested in number one or another one if that one is already taken. Kind regards

  11. Congratulations, Joakim. I've put a plug for your excellent blog and competition here:
    Please put me down for the Orkky Deffkopta, I love an Orky thingy.

  12. Thanks for the kind words everyone, and thanks for the links.
    We're now up to 89 followers, so the 100 follower strech goal is within sight.

  13. Congratulation to the 50K hits I hope you will reach the 100 follower streach goal soon, i done my part to contribute already;)

    Very nice givaway, but not realy my area of interest at the moment so I stay out this time to give the fellow bloggers a greate chanse to get a nice prize;)

    Best regards Michael

  14. Congrats on hitting your milestone!
    Most interested in #1, but #2 & #3 look groovy too.

  15. Congrats on hitting 50K. Put me down for the 1/72 Grenadiers for sure. But any of the above would be fine. I'll reply to this post with a link when I get to it.

  16. Congrats on the hits! I came via Loki or Ian, I am providing my obligatory military time so I am not home to "pimp" ya proper...of course, this means I better finish some troops real soon for my own blog update!
    I would like to enter the queue for #3 or # 2 please!

  17. Congrats on hitting the 50K! And looking to hit 100 followers pretty soon too :) Trying to put the hype forward at my slightly newer blog:

    And I love all things Orky so if the win happens to go to Finland I'm up for Orks or Gretchins any day!

  18. Congratulations ontne 50k.

    Put me in for #6 please!

  19. Congrats on getting 50K hits! I'm following your blog now too and I posted a message about your give away on my blog:

    This is a very nice give away, I would like to enter for number 1, 2 or 3 please. Thanks for a chance to win!

    Greetings, Sofie

  20. Thank you all. We're closing in on 100 follower and another winner.

  21. Congrats on the 50.000 hits !

    I'm following your blog & i posted a message about your give-away on my blog :

    Thanks that i have a chance to win. I would like to enter for 2 or 3

    Greetings, Mario

  22. Forgot to mention. I have promoted your giveaway last week


  23. Congrats with the 50K pageviews Joakim! Well deserved! I would like to be in for the numbers 3 - 1 - 5.
    I made some promotion on my blog for this "Give Away", you can find it here:


  24. Congrats Joakim on hitting 50K! I think that makes it 100 followers now.Well done!

    1. That sure is 100 followers. And the stretch-goal is unlocked!

  25. Congratulations and well done on reaching suchan epic milestone. Heres to the next 50k!

    Please count me in.

    The Chainmail Heroes pack please.

    Thanks to Peter and Andrew Saunders i'm now follower 101!

    I've stuck a plug post up on my blog.

  26. Toss me down for the first item!

  27. I thought to check your blog out following a link from Simon (Brummie) Quinton's blog.

    Congrats on the 50, 000 and best of luck for the future. I have no wish to be entered in the draw, but wish to offer everyone the best of luck.

  28. Your friend over at Peter's cave referred me here! Following! #4 Looks awesome!

  29. Congrats on the visits; and you are very generous. I was referred to your site via Brummie's (aka Simon Q.). Best, Dean

  30. Nice.

    found you via Sofie and her rapidly proliferating saturday paint table thingy

    I already have the gretchin with the hammer.. but he's lonely :)

  31. Congratz on hitting not only 50k hits but also over 100 followers! I think I came in at number 108.

    Link to my mention of your blog here. I would really love the Wolfen from Confrontation! I have a small group of them as I have played Confrontation. Now I mostly use them in games of Warlord from Reaper games. Really lovely models!

    All the best for you and your blog in the future!

    1. Welcome, thanks for the plug, and a good choice. The Wolven are wonderful.

  32. I like your blog and it is also nice that you focus on plastic soldiers in the scale of 1:72.Keep up the good work. If I get lucky I would like to get the jerrys in smock from Caesar nr 6 wwII pack.Hälsningar d
    från "hugg och slag"

  33. Well done that man! Joakim, what a fantastic blog. Congratulations on your achievement. I will post a link on my blog tonight. Those Wolfen look great.