Monday, 7 January 2013

Out with the old, in with the new… year

So, another year is gone, and a new one has started. With that, everyone seem to sum up the old year, and tell everyone else what will happen in this.
If you have followed this blog you pretty much know what I have built and painted this year, so I’ll mostly skip that.
So then, what can you expect to find here during 2013?

LRDG in 20mm
Me, Laffe and Thomas set out to make a Long Range Desert Group scenario the convention participation game of 2012. We had the idea of doing an airfield attack, and were all happy that it was a relatively easy project, as we had so much time and relatively few models to make…. Yeah, that failed miserably, we had to fall back on the eastern front… But I made a LRDG truck and a jeep with crew, an Italian fighter plane, an attack-bike and lots of airfield crew.
2013 will (hopefully) see me completing my other two vehicles, an Italian bomber and maybe some assorted Italian vehicles and some airfield buildings and other appropriate terrain. I hope to see LRDG on a convention this year.
Will buy: maybe a plane and some few vehicles.

France 1940 in 20mm
I’m pretty much done at the moment when it comes to early war German vehicles and guns. This year will see me completing more infantry, a couple of AFV:s and some transport.
My main effort here will be British infantry, guns and vehicles. I’ve just bought some lovely Zvezda models that are on the painting table now, and also PSC carriers. I hope that someone will produce more plastic BEF-infantry, and will buy some metal ones until that dream comes through.
Will buy: more British stuff, a few German AFV:s (already ordered from Hobbybokhandeln).

I’m looking forward to all the Otherworld Indiegogo-stuff that will start to drop in soon.
2013 will see me concentrate on fantasy, I’ll hope to paint at least some of the Otherworld figures, and dig into the metal and plastics mountain… I’m afraid that it will grow this year even without any more purchases as the Indiegogo pledge will give me about 50 new figures and some assorted other stuff.
I should be able to squeeze in some Infinity SF-figures during the year.
Will buy: Fantasy – nothing. Infinity – a few figures max.

Terrain and stuff
I’ll try to paint the Otherworld stretch-goal adventurer's equipment in 2013. It’s useful stuff when we play D&D, so I feel it will be easy to complete.
I also have some really nice 28mm paper terrain from World Works Games that is printed but not assembled yet. Plan to finish quite of lot of these during 2013.
In 20mm I have houses in resin, plastic and card that ought to be finished. Then maybe some hedges and trees from all that rubberized horsehair I bought….
Will buy: Not much until what I have is finished.

At least 50 posts this year, hopefully a couple more.

Hmm, that ought to be enough for the year to come. It will be interesting to look back in a year’s time.

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more British figures. And yes, we have to finish the LRDG, I have a bunch of Italians too!