Thursday, 27 November 2014


This is the forgotten post. It was nearly ready just after I finished my Winter War Russians earlier this year, then forgotten until now. Enjoy!
For my Winter War troops I needed snow-covered bases. A quick check of the closest gaming stores got me two different snow-effect thingies suitable for basing.
I basecoated all bases in white before I started with the snow-effect.
Heki Shneeglitzer
Made for the railroad crowd and at 250 g it will last a long time. I applied a thick coat of white glue to the bases and dipped them. The result is very sparkling and it looks like ice-crystals. Suitable for dry snow.

Tamiya – Diorama Texture Paint – Snow Effect White
This rather big pot, 100ml, will last a while. It is a thick paste that is easy to paint on to the bases, it sticks well and looks like wet snow when set. Sparkly and nice.
Both works well, but my favourite is the Tamiya snow effect.


  1. The Tamiya gets my vote as well


  2. I've made some snow-effect testing, using baking soda powder
    Dirty cheap and nore than acceptable results

  3. I use Tamiya soil effects for earth and dirt, it's very good. I can imagine the snow one being good too.