Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Dust – Heavy Flak Grenadiers

Late spring a new Kickstarter appeared, Dust: Operation Babylon. I knew my pal Thomas had bought into the system earlier, and asked him about it. He said something like “Let’s play a game”, and I’m sure he grinned evilly saying that…
That's an awful lot of enemies. I'm not sure this really works...
Said and done, we had a short and fun game of Dust Warfare over a couple of beers. It turned out this is a good beer and pretzels type of game and I rather enjoyed it. Figures are really nice. Fun theme. What’s not to like?
I jumped into the Kickstarter. Laffe (also grinning evilly) dumped his bought-but-not-played-with minis on me, as did one of his pals.
So I suddenly had a bunch of minis and more to come from the Kickstarter (very, very late. They were supposed to deliver in August, still nothing…)
I needed some respite from Brimstone figures and especially the Night Stranglers, so the first unit hit the painting table – Heavy Flak Grenadiers.
These are heavily armoured troops wielding Fliegerfausts, a real weapon used sparingly in the very last days of the short-lived 3rd Reich. In Dust the year is 1947 and the Axis troops are de-nazified.
Anyway, to have a chance of ever getting painted models on the gaming table I decided to go for simple paint-schemes – no camo-smocks or anything fancy.
Paints used:
Armour – Vallejo 995 German Grey drybrushed with 992 Neutral Grey
Cloth – 830 German Fieldgrey WWII washed with Army Painter Dark Tone ink
Fliegerfausts – 920 German Uniform washed with AP Dark Tone
Chinstraps – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Tubing – 836 London Grey
I haven’t done anything with the bases as I intend to base all my Dust figures on clear bases from Sally 4th, but I have to order them first.

A fast paintjob, done in little more than an evening. More Dust figures will appear shortly.


  1. Mohahahaha!

    Seriously, they look great. The beauty of the Dust figures is that they are assembled, cleaned up and primed. So the boring work is already done.

    1. Unfortunately there were some mould-lines still, so I felt compelled to clean them up a bit. But on the whole you're right, It's easy to start painting them.

  2. Moaahahha indeed. My work here is done. I was ashamed that I had so much Dust stuff and it was not getting any table time. After tricking Jocke, I no longer feel ashamed about the Dust stuff I have...

    1. Hmmmm..
      You should be ashamed of the unpainted stuff, though... hint, hint...

  3. I just picked up a ton on minis at the Black Friday sale I'm all in on Dust. I'm going to create a Japanese faction that is not a part of the SSU.

    1. So did I. Japanese faction would be interesting. That could be next official faction. Would be interesting