Monday, 1 December 2014

Dust – Heavy Laser Grenadiers and tank traps

Another quick paintjob, this time the German Heavy Laser Grenadiers. 
Painted with the same colours as the last lot, only difference being the thingies on the backpacks. I’m not sure if they are cooling devices or power packs. Anyway they got a coat of Vallejo 859 Black Red with an Army Painter Dark Tone wash. 
I will change the bases to clear ones later.

This pair of tank traps comes from one of the Dust starter sets. I painted them with Vallejo 884 Stone Grey, the debris got a coat of AP Strong Tone wash and everything was drybrushed with 989 Sky Grey.


  1. Looking good! Now you only have a few dozen more to go. Plus a dozen walkers, of course...

    1. Yes, something like that.... I have packages arriving from the Kickstarter, FFG and Wayland Games. There will be a few models to paint, I guess.
      They're fun, though.