Friday, 20 February 2015

Kobolds from Castle Ravenloft, Håtunaleken and more

First a couple of pictures on the newly painted Kobolds from the Castle Ravenloft boardgame. I prefer my kobolds in the classic style as I’m an old school D&D player so these will serve as reptilian infantry instead. Ordinary boardgame minis quality wise and they got a fast paint job.
Skin – Vallejo 879 Green Brown
Metal – 863 Gunmetal Grey
Wood – 843 Cork Brown
Leather – 984 Flat Brown
Eyes – 984 Golden yellow with black slits
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone ink and finally a coat of matte varnish.
I’ve got a lot of different minis on the table at the moment. Wolfs in different forms from several companies, the heroes from Brimstone, a couple of Rackham orcs and a German Dust-squad. You’ll see them all here soon (or not too soon, you never know).

I fell for the Conan Kickstarter halfway through it. It just proved too spectacular a deal. I did however manage to stop myself overindulging and just pledged for the basic Barbarian Pledge. So now I’m waiting for The Complete Chronicles of Conan that I ordered a couple of days ago. Should keep the Conan-itch satisfied for a while.
The set up. Good guys on the right with my troops closest to the camera.
I’m in the process of joining a local gaming club, Little Wars. The webpage is brand new and there you can find out what has happened at the club and also links to the various very good blogs made by some very talented members of the club.
My brave knights attack
At an ordinary meeting earlier in this week we had a big game of Lion Rampant with the in-club campaign Håtunaleken. Great fun even though my borrowed units (played them together with Mikael who tought me the rules) were utterly destroyed during the fight.
My troops before the fights...
Meanwhile a battle on the other side of the board
Welcome follower Black Powder with Black Powder Games from Little Wars. We had a great game of Chain of Command at the club last week. I unfortunately forgot my camera so no pictures and no AAR (We both took a severe beating and called it a draw when it was time to leave.)

My troops have disappeared somehow but assistance is on its way.
And a hearty welcome to follower Fabio Vollono. If you have a blog of your own then put a link to it in the comments below so I can link to it here.


  1. Great looking figures - never knew about Kobolds before. Nice stuff! Great looking Lion Rampant game too!

  2. Great game, well painted minis