Friday, 27 February 2015

Brimstone – Heroes part 2

The last four heroes from the Shadow of Brimstone boxes. Here you find them fighting a Slasher.
Here's the first female characters. In the Kickstarter there will be at least one male and one female miniature for each hero type, which is a great idea. They all are suitably dressed for adventure. All, except the Saloon Girl (whose male counterpart is the Piano Player, by the way). If I were she I would have slipped into something a bit more uncomfortable before going out exploring mines and other worlds. Ah, well. She'll freeze and the demons will drool... but they usually do, anyway.
Paints used:
Shirt – Coat d’arms 240 Unbleached Wool
Pants – Vallejo 869 Basalt Grey
Boots – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Sombrero – 907 Pale Greyblue
Bandolier – 876 Brown Sand
Sidebag – 983 Flat Earth
Dynamite + sash – Citadel Scab Red
Washed with Army Painter Strong Tone ink.
Indian Scout
Skin – Citadel Foundation Tallarn Flesh
Hair – 822 German Camo Black Brown
Pants – 876 Brown Sand
Shirt – 991 Dark Sea Grey
Coat – Formula P3 Gun Corps Brown
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Belt – 983 Flat Earth
Bag – 984 Flat Brown
Head band, scarf – Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red
Everything got a coat of Strong Tone wash
Dress – 975 Military Green drybrushed with 968 Flat Green
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Hat – 876 Brown Sand
Bags - 984 Flat Brown and 876 Brown Sand
Hair – Coat d’arms 223 Horse Tone Chestnut
Everything but the dress got a wash of Strong Tone.
Saloon Girl
Dress – Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red with a wash of Citadel Baal Red
Boots – 982 Cavalry Red with a Dark Tone wash
Hair - Coat d’arms 223 Horse Tone Chestnut with a Dark Tone wash
Feather boa – white washed with AP Soft Tone and drybrushed white.

You will find the first batch of the heroes hereClick here for the rest of my painted Brimstone minis.


  1. Nice job. I've been hesitating about the women, don't know what colours I should paint them in.

    1. The women were actually the hardest to paint as their details were the softest.

  2. I absolutely love the Mexican with the dynamite - seems like he is drafted right out of a Lucky Luke cartoon. We need to play this game, that's all there is to it!!! Send me an e-mail, and we'll setup an evening at the club!.

    1. I intend to play this game a lot. You're welcome to be part of it :-)