Sunday, 3 May 2015

Pulp Alley - Grab the Idol – CSSS on the Tibetan Plateau

There have been rumours about strange artefacts and relics of unknown origin from Tibet. So far we have seen gangs of heretics surfacing with tales of unknown horrors and also abundant wealth and glory.
It is about time that the servants for a higher cause enter the centre stage. It is time for CSSS, Corpo di Spedizione Santa Sede.
Monsignore Cadaverica had a short audience with Pope Pius XI and immediately afterwards summoned his trusted sidekicks Soura Innocenza and Padre Sicario. After a day of planning they left on a plane graciously supplied by Regia Aeronautica. On the plane were also a couple of loyal soldiers and a message from Il Duce. The message was short: “Bring me glory”. On the bottom of the page there was something scribbled. It had a rather ominous feel to it “…or else.”
After a tedious journey the landed in Lhasa and immediately contacted several loyal Catholics. From them they got information on where a Norwegian decadent film-team, American grave robbers and British imperialists were heading. A small village in the middle of nowhere. It seemed to be a centre for smuggling and God knows what else.
We meet our heroes just when they arrive at the village. They have a loyal local (who, somewhat misguided, wanted to dress as a Mafioso) as guide and general help (got him from the Network of Supporters perk). He had informed the CSSS that there were some important things that could be of interest of the Pope and Il Duce in this village.
Primary of the plot points for CSSS was the small jewelled idol hidden in the dirt close by where they entered
There was also a mysterious crate left in the centre building that promised great treasures (this was the major plot point)
A beggar was a known informant and could prove a valuable asset
A box of strange rockets would be interesting for the Italian Army
Another box, this one filled with powerful ammunition and also of interest to the Army
We are not the only ones setting our sights on these treasures. The other leagues are here to. Now we have to Smash and Grab.
British imperialists in our sights. They think the idol is theirs.
More Brits, skulking in the shadows. Heretics, all! Church of England... Blah!
Norwegian film team. They say they want to unveil strange cults and they talk about forgotten gods. They belong to a cult, that's for sure. Protestants.... Blah.
Grynet and her Norwegian dog. 
The ungodly grave-robbers. They will be first in the dungeons when the Inquisition comes.
More Yanks.
A firefight between our heroes and Brits leaves two wounded.
We are surrounded. 
The Norwegian league starts interviewing the beggar and learns his secret
The Yanks climb the roof and starts to search for the rockets left by arms smugglers.
Monsignore searches the sand and asks for Divine guidance. He easily finds the idol while a fiery fire-fight breaks out around him.
The Brits find their box of ammunition.
A member from the Norwegian league sneaks into the centre house and snatches the box but is interupted by Soura Innocenza and our local hand. The local steps through a rotten floor board and injures his left foot. He will be unable to move more than at a crawl for the rest of the game. Damnation.
Innicenza starts battling the unfortunate Norwegian and he flees through the window!
Meanwhile Monsignore leaves the idol to one of the soldiers.
A clearly outgunned member of the British league drops a smoke grenade to avoid the rain of lead heding her way.
The British league has set its sight on the Pope's idol. Things are looking grim.
Soura Innocenza runs after the Norwegians holding their plot points, but sees the troubles behind her and decides to run back and protect her colleagues.
Things are looking grim indeed, as Monsignore falls.
The Norwegian master laughs at his sucessful dodge attempt and takes a commemorative photo. The dice were with him this fight. 
Ha, I easily ducked that swipe! Three tens, try beating that you sledge-wielding female dog.
A wild fight breaks out. Casualties on all sides.
The final round. Monsignore is out for good. Enemies surround our heroes.
Disaster as the courageous soldier falls to a bullet. The idol is up for grabs.
Soura Innocenza saves the day and Padre snatches the idol in the nick of time.
Meanwhile the Norwegian team eliminates all opposition and secures their loot.
The game ended with all leagues getting one minor plot point and the Norwegians snatching the major plot point. Even though the CSSS didn’t win they did get what they were after, namely the idol, and with that they also got +1 Experience. The expedition was deemed a total success in the reports to the Holy See and Il Duce.
Stay tune for more adventures with CSSS.


  1. Excellent scenario, figures and terrain, Joakim! Well photographed too. Very nicely done.

    1. Thank you.
      The CSSS minis are mine. Terrain is from the club so I can't take credit for that.
      I am working on terrain for the Perilous Island campaign, though. You will see that on the blog the next couple of weeks.

  2. Gripping stuff! Really need to have a game of Pulp Alley, sounds like lots of fun!

    1. Pop over with the kids and I'll have a game with you all :-)

  3. Fantastic pictures and miniatures

  4. I really enjoy these AARs! A very strong narrative with nailbiting action and great fun. /Mattias

    1. That is Pulp Alley in a nutshell. It is such a fun game

  5. Cool looking game, love the minis and terrain.

    1. One of the pros with a geming club is the amount of available stuff :-) This club is no exception with some amazing hobbyists.

  6. I'll have to make it down to the club for a game, that's for sure. And we need to get another evening game at the office in.

    1. You should join Little Wars, that's for sure :-). It is practically on the way home...
      An evening-game at the office is go!

  7. Nice, love the terrain and the beautiful photos...