Saturday, 2 January 2016

Another year gone, another year ahead

What was that?
That was your 2015, mate.
Oh, that was quick. Do I get another?
Sorry mate, guess you’re not.

That sort of sums up the year. It went fast!
All in all a very god year in all aspects. I would really like to live it again, let’s just hope 2016 will be as good.

So, what happened?
Posts – 111, for a total of 479
Followers – up 33, to 164
Hits – around 77 000 for a total of 182 K
20mm and 6mm
Nothing at all!
Fantasy: 3 Small, 42 Medium, 8 Large, 2 XL
Pulp: 27 M
SF: 3 S, 1 M
Western: 9 M
WWII: 4 soldiers, 2 vehicles
Dust (1/48 scale): 42 soldiers, 4 vehicles
Other vehicles: 21, mainly boats
A hard project for an atheist...
The Nativity Set – 3 figures – that’s a first for me…. My secret project for 2015 and it will be an ongoing project to get a proper diorama for my wife.
Terrain and scenery:
Soerabaja Harbor in the 30s and in a game of Pulp Alley.
Mainly Soerabaja Harbour with lots of stuff in it. It’s seen action in our Pulp game and in the 17th Century so far, and there’s interest in expanding it.
Also some Frostgrave terrain, jungle, Qonset huts for Dust and small stuff for use as clutter in our games.

Some thoughts on 2015
I did paint all my Shadows of Brimstone figures except one and playing with that boardgame using painted figures is really great.
Dust– I was really put off by the stupid Kickstarter-mess but I have regained my painting mojo now.
I joined the gaming club Little Wars this year and that has been a hit games-wise. I have started playing Pulp Alley and tried a bunch of other games and  made a lot of new friends. Simply excellent! It also means that I suddenly have access to a lot of terrain which is great.
My son David has become a steady gaming companion which is also great fun. We’ve decided to make Wednesday nights our gaming nights with either a game at home or at the club with friends. He’s already been at the club a couple of times and we’ve played Open Combat, Shadows of Brimstone and Dust Warfare there.
There is hope for the daughter also, She really enjoyed a game of Arkham Horror the other day and beats me in Love Letter.
The oldest son is lost to computer gaming, unfortunately. Well, not totally unfortunate as he is studying for a career in computer game design. That can't be all bad, actually.
It’s been a very good year for modelling and painting. Slightly better than 2014, making it the most productive so far.

What’s in store for 2016, then?
I will certainly try to paint all or most figures for the other board-games I have or will get. I’ll try to do a game at a time, considering the number of games coming my way...
Dead Man’s Hand will get a revival, both modelling wise and games-wise. You’ll see a couple of buildings here soon.
Frostgrave will certainly see a game or two and also more terrain and figures.
I’ll continue painting Dust minis and try a couple of more games.
Other than that I will probably flit between this and that. With all the board-game figures, Dust and all that tin, resin and plastics residing in boxes under my painting table I will have no difficulty finding something that stokes my interest.
"You will have a good year, do you hear!"
2016 will hopefully be another great year. Hope yours will be a great one also.

A very warm welcome to new follower Tradgardsmastare with a whole host of blogs – the active ones seem to be Lamplighter’s Heaven (gaming based on the books by D.M. Cornish), Emperor vs Elector (diplomacy in imaginations), The Dutchy of Tradgardland (an 18th Century imagination in Northern Europe and also full of this and that – I thought I was already following this charming blog but it seems I wasn’t – that’s been rectified), Army Red/White and Others… (54mm figure-gaming with the Funnylittlewars rules, seem to be set in Tradgardland in 1912) and Pavillion of Splendour (wargaming with ancients).
Another one, welcome Mr. J with no active blog I could find. If you have one then make a note in the comments below and I’ll add it here. 


  1. A very productive year! I look forward to following your exploits in 2016, sir!

  2. Happy New Year Joakim. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this year :-)

  3. Nice work! Sounds like a good year all up.

  4. Happy New Year lets this one is as productive as the previous :)

  5. A good review of your wargaming year matey!

  6. Well done! Looking forward to fighting in that harbour during the coming year. Now, about that submarine...

    1. It's in the metal- and resin-mountain. Nuff said...
      Anyway, we nedd a harbour first...

    2. Good point, not much use for the sub without it.