Monday, 12 February 2018

Blood Rage: Fenrir and two Reaper Bones wolves

Blood Rage is the next game I will paint figures for, and it’s really fun as the minis are just fantastic, the game’s got a great theme (who doesn’t like Ragnarök?) and it is without a doubt one of the best board-games I got.
I’ve already painted quite a few minis, but now I’m concentrating on finish everything for that game.
First of the new batch is Fenrir, one of the mythological monsters that you can recruit to your clan.
A huge miniature that turned out real well.
I painted two other wolves, both from the Reaper Bones range, while I was in wolf-mode. One is large, a worg or dire-wolf, while the other is two-headed.
The sculpts are okay, but really nothing more, and the two-headed one needed green-stuffing as there was a rather prominent gap where one of the heads were pre-glued to the rest of the body.
These two will join my expanding pack of wolf-kin.


  1. They look good though. Were they quick to paint?

    1. Yes, very. I start with a white undercoat and then put on several black and brown washes and end with white drybrushing.

  2. Hi Joakim the Fenrir figure is very nice and you've done an excellent paint job on him. The transition from the lighter coloured legs and lower body to the darker upper body and back had worked very well.
    I wish you had done this a couple of weeks ago as I painted a wolf pack recently and made a right mess of them, I would have been much happier with your outcome.

    1. Thank you, John!
      I painted my first wolves a year ago
      and after some not to brilliant first tries I went for winter-pelts. I turned out that white + washes worked really well. I used a uniform wash of Army Painter Dark Tone and then several washes here and there with Strong and Dark tones. Made it possible to get that transition.
      Give it a try if you happen to find a cheap wolf-mini

    2. Cheers Joakim, the wolf figures I have don't have the same level on detail in the casting as yours. I dryish brushed layers on and then did a wash to try and blend it but it's pretty crap to be honest. I also looked at lots of photos and went for a sort of 3 and 4 colour coat but the simpler winter coat you've done works much better.

    3. Hi John!
      I've also tried the ordinary grey-brown coats and they are really difficult to get rigth. I haven't. These winter-coats are much easier, but they do need a distinct coat to work really well

  3. Smashing work Joakim, they look great :-)

    1. Thanks Darryl!
      Like the Fenrir, the other two will do :-)