Monday, 5 February 2018

January – Miniatures Tally

I have this (rather hopeless) idea of actually getting a smaller plastics- and tin-mountain. It seems unreachable but it is worth a try, so let’s see what happens over this year.
To make this manageable I’ve thought about some rules:
1. All miniatures count as 1 (figure small or big, vehicle – they’re all worth 1 point)
2. Except 20mm figures count as ½ (but vehicles is still 1)
3. I only count what I get this year (i.e., the odd box of kickstarted stuff that happen to land on my doorstep doesn’t count if I bought it 2017 or earlier, but stuff I kickstart this year does count, even if it isn’t delivered).
4. If I sell or give away stuff that counts as a minus
5. Terrain doesn’t count
If it wasn’t for rule #3 I would certainly loose as I expect kickstarted World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch, Shadows of Brimstone and more to arrive this year.
I plan to have a group-shot for each month, but as all Conan-minis is at the club now, there will be individual shots of what was painted. First Belit's Guards from Conan
Hyaenas from Conan

Lots of Picts from Conan
Two modern cops from Hasslefree

So, January summed up:
Bought: 0
I painted 20 Conan figures and 2 modern minis, for a total of 22
Sent to the For Sale-box at the club: 39 Mercs minis and 1 Reaper Bones, for a total of 40. 
I’ve started to look through my rather large stash to find those minis that never will be painted, could be because I’ve got multiples of them or because I just don’t like them. They are destined to the For Sale-box. There will be more, that's for sure.

Bought:         0
Painted:         -22
Sale:              -40

2018 total:     -62

Looking good so far, but things can change fast.

(I got the inspiration to finally do this from Neil at Meeples & Miniatures)

As a bonus - a couple of shots from last weeks' game of Conan with fully painted minis.
Conan doing what Conan does best - that die-roll effectively killed all the Hyenas
Worthless shooting - that was after re-rolling the equally worthless first rolls.

The Captain of the Guards falls after the three heroes join forces
Hadratus stops the reinforcements while Conan and Shevastas kills the guardian beasts and frees the princess!


  1. Lovely minis, especially those on the first pic imho, very impressive!

    1. Thank you, Phil.
      They do look great on the game-board