Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Rise of Moloch – Titus

I got my big box of The World of SMOG: Rise of Moloch stuff from their Kickstarter a couple of weeks ago, and... those figures are just fantastic looking.
So, a bunch of them moved to the painting table to be washes, trimmed and prepped. The first batch will be some of the circus/carnival oriented ones, as I intend to use them in Pulp Alley, as baddies in the Sideshow of Horrors scenario from the Tomb of Serpents solo-campaign I have just started (AAR from the first game is coming shortly).
The very first finished mini is Titus, a very strong and very tough evildoer in the game. He will be equally tough and evil in Sideshow of Horrors.


  1. Very nice Joakim! Was your strongman able to fit on a normal base or did you use a 40mm one?

    1. He's on a 30mm integral base in the Rise of Moloch game, and I let him have a clear one of the same size.
      I really prefer the clear ones, if possible.