Saturday, 28 March 2020

Some ships and a submarine or two

Here are a couple of 3D-printed ships and boats from 3D-Print-Terrain.
 Their models are scaled for 20mm gaming but I upscale them to 130% to fit my 28mm games.
That periscope is seriously to big, but I let it be for now. I might change it later, if I'm going to use the sub form ore than a scenario or two
Finally Proteus, a free download from Thingiverse. That will be used as an evil overlord's get-away in a pulp game.


  1. Lovely work! When the stars align and I get enough spare cash together, I think I'll buy a 3D printer.

  2. Very nice! I especially like the 3 little boats/ships. Although the waterline submarine is certainly a staple of pulp-style movies and the evil get-away vehicle has a classic look to it, too.

    One thing that has put me off from 3D printing is the striations I find in pieces I have purchased. They just rub me the wrong way (and save me from going down the 3D printing rabbit hole! ha ha).

    1. Well, I find that when you have 3D-printed terrain on the board, you really don't see the striations. All the terrain is at arms-length away or more, and then it's just invisible.
      Also, that is a minor thing compared to having lots and lots of terrain to actually put on the board :-)