Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Unchartered Seas – Dwarves

I put on my explorers outfit the other day, grabbed my pick, and started digging in my tin and plastics mountain. As I have mentioned before, I will really try to paint as much of my existing stuff as possible this year. My unfinished Unchartered Seas models from Spartan Games grabbed my attention, mainly because they are rather big, and also because I like the game and would like bigger forces to play with.
I have started elven and dwarven fleets, and have a orcish fleet I haven’t even begun with. Time to change that.

Fist a batch of dwarven ships. Two Heavy Cruisers and three Destroyers.
The photos on Spartan Games homepage show clean and nice dwarven ships, but that is not how I imagine them. I really don’t think the dwarves have catalytic cleaning of their exhaust fumes. I imagine them as totally uninterested in environmental management (which I happen to work with) and rather more like reapers of what the earth gives them, or they take…
The smokestacks belch out black and noxious smoke, when the cannons fire the ships will be temporarily hidden by great clouds of blackish fumes. It will not be nice, and their ships will show it.

I painted all metal with GW Chainmail, and wood in Vallejo 843 Cork Brown. The smokestacks were given a wash of Vallejo 936 Transparent Green or 938 Transparent Blue. Black in all cannons. Then everything got a heavy wash of GW Devlan Mud, and a coat of Vallejo Matte Varnish.
I used black MIG pigment around the smokestacks and all cannons, and a spraying of GW Purity Seal.

I like the black pigment, and my already finished models will get that treatment soon.

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