Sunday, 23 October 2011

Daughter’s owlbear

I try to interest my kids in my hobbies, and the one to embrace painting is my daughter, now 7 years old. She still needs a bit of help, but has turned out to have quite some talent.
This owlbear (I don’t know the make, maybe Black Tree Design?) was found deep down in the tin-mountain, and it would probably never be painted, as I had already painted a really nice one from the Chainmail game.
She got it more than a year ago and I was somewhat panicked when she said she wanted it painted in pink… Probably a female :-) Pink with a red wash and brown with Devlan Mud was actually turned out to be rather Ok. I helped her with claws, beak and eyes. It will probably see action against her party in our D&D campaign.
Not bad for a 6-year old! She is very proud of it and really wanted it on my blog. 


  1. That's amazing work for a 6 year old, better than some adult painters, tell her she's done a good job.

  2. A big thank you from my daugther, she was soooo happy for your comment.

  3. My kids want to help me paint my figures, I let them basecoat. My oldest wants some Warhammer figures, but says he doesn't want to paint them...

    Good work by your daughter!

  4. Next, have her paint something for Song of Blades and I'll come over and she can defeat my Uruk-hais. Watching a grown man cry is good for her self-image. ;-)

  5. Thomas - she will laugh at you, jump on your broken body and tell me I have wimps for friends :-)
    Can't take that indignity, can I?

  6. Laffe - my oldest got some Space Marines, built a bunch, painted some (really well, by the way) and then lost interest. Didn't want to paint the same stuff all the time.
    He also painted some Unchartered Seas dwarfs. He's really good at it, but sadly not hooked - yet...