Tuesday, 24 April 2012

20mm Factory from Metcalfe

This weekend we have another participation game going on Incognicon. It will be eastern front 1942 and based on the scenario “Nice one Kirill” from Too Fat Lardies' Summer Special 2007.
We need a factory, the Collective Cabbage Processing Plant, and had nothing really appropriate in the collections. But I had a cardboard kit from the excellent company Metcalfe just waiting to be built.
Building is easy, and I made a couple of factory-buildings a year ago, if you want some thoughts on how to build them.
Factory before it met my pigments
Nice enough as it is, but this being the worker’s paradise I wanted it to look a bit worn. How to do? Well, I have bought far too much pigments (not possible, I know) and this was an excellent project to try them out.

Now it looks more lived in. I think I’ll let the other kits have a go with the pigments also, really improves it.


  1. Very nice building. Great work on the weathering!


  2. Cool! Looking forward to seeing these on Saturday!