Saturday, 23 February 2013

Weekend of fun

Last weekend gaming pals Thomas and Icke visited for an afternoon of terrain-building. The idea was to continue our brainstorm about what we needed for our LRDG-project, decide how to make it and then produce (some of) it.
I started the day before by taking out all terrain-making stuff I had lying about. Strangely enough it was a lot...
The hoard of terrain making stuff.
A box of flock, sand, clump foliage and static grass, plastic card and –rods/-pipes and –girders, balsa and wood in all shapes and forms, lots of branches and dried heather, plastic plants, a mould for cliff faces I had totally forgotten, four different clays, foam-core, plastic kits, textured paints, glues and odds and ends. I covered my table tennis table...
Thomas brought some more plastic girders, tree armatures and this and that.
After a short conference we started building.
Even in the desert there are some hardy trees. Icke got green fingers...
What would you do without a fuel dump? Really, we have an idea here... but maybe this approach isn’t the most time-efficient.
Camouflaged parking space for a plane... minus netting
Another sort of fence for western front
A totally failed attempt at a clump of high grasses.
We half-finished a lot of terrain, had some very good ideas and made some mistakes we (hopefully) learned from. We also had a nice chat about everything WWII, drank a lot of coffee and coke, ate potato crisps/chips and made a lot of plans. As a bonus two of my kids helped with this and that, and were quite happy about it. All in all a very nice afternoon.
We’ll try to do a follow up with better planning in the future, as this was very ad-hoc, meaning few of the gaming-gang could show up on such very short notice.
When I finish the respective pieces you’ll get a more in depth how-to post on each item (well, maybe not the clump of grasses)

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