Sunday, 17 March 2013

Book review – January and February 2013

I’ll try a more condensed sort of books reviews for a while. Everything relating to history and modelling I’ve read each month, with a couple of words on each book. Hopefully to whet your appetite.
Much WWI in early 2013, some brand new titles and some oldies.
Images of War  Blitzkrieg in the West, Ian Baxter, Pen & Sword, 2010, around 140 pages. Lots of interesting photos, but sadly some facts wrong in the text. 4 out of 5.

Erwin Rommel, Karl-Gunnar Hoffman, Osprey, 2004, around 125 pages. Rather badly written and no analyses to speak of. Rather bad actually. I rate it a weak 2 out of 5.
Flames of Calais – A soldiers battle 1940, Airey Neave, Pen & Sword, penned in 1972, around 220 pages. Thomas pointed me to this book a long time ago, and I finally got around to reading it. It is written by a veteran of the battle of Calais in 1940, and a really good read. Especially good as the gaming group is playing some of games from the Too Fat Lardies’ scenario-book The Defence of Calais. You’ll find accounts of some of the battles in that book here, from a guy that was there. He is even a Big Man in some of the scenarios. I rate it a 4 out of 5.
Italian Medium Tanks 1939-45, Osprey New Vanguard no 195, 2012, 48 pages. It’s an Osprey… Interesting about the topic, relatively well written, and some good photos. 3 out of 5, just as you expect from an average Osprey.
Chuchill vol. 1, Leszek Moczulski, AJ-Press, 2008, around 175 pages. Everything you ever wanted to know about the Churchill tank, with loads of photos and drawings. Great book. A rating of4 out of 5
Images of War – Special Forces Vehicles, 1940 to the present day, Pat Ware, Pen & Sword, 2012, 144 pages. Loads of photos and info on special forces vehicles, just as it says. I would have liked more SAS/LRDG, but that’s me. Rating 3 of 5.
Images of War – British Tanks, the Second World War, Pat Ware, Pen & Sword, 2012, 144 pages. I have this thing for British AFV:s, and I got my fix here. Very nice book about the topic, with great pics. Also American tanks in British service. Rating 4 of 5
Italian Navy & Air Force Elite Units & Special Forces 1940-45, Piero Crociani and Pier Paolo Battistelli, Osprey Elite 191, 2013, 64 pages. A good summary of Italian elite units, both before armistice and after. Good compliment to the other books on the italian armed forces I have. Rating 4 out of 5.

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