Friday, 28 February 2014

28mm War Apes from Chainmail/WotC

This is one of the reasons I liked the Chainmail game from Wizards of the Coast – the unusual miniatures. Most of them were rather ordinary, but then you got some very special. Like these War Apes.
Great figures sculpted by Jason Wiebe, and made around 2001.
Paints used (Vallejo):
Fur – 871 Leather Brown
Face and feet: 822 German Camouflage Black Brown
Drybrushed 988 Khaki
Rump: 822 with a heavy drybrush of Citadel Red Gore
Metal: 865 Oily Steel with a wash of Army Painter Strong Tone wash.

Welcome follower Collect and Paint Plastic Figures 1/72. Lots of very well painted 1/72 figures. Well worth a visit. I can’t seem to find a Follow button unfortunately. 

For Thomas, a comparison shot with an ordinary 28mm miniature


  1. Very nice! Can we have a pic next to something, for recerence. These might be useful together with the Kampfaffen from Dust.

    1. Nice, thanks. Looks like a horde of these guys would work fine for DUST as smaller cousins of the Kampfaffen.

    2. Problem is finding them, though..

  2. I did like the War Ape mini myself back in the day. Nice work painting up some old stuff.