Wednesday 28 May 2014

Adventurers’ campsite from Otherworld and some similar stuff

Another useful kit from Otherworld Miniatures - ACC5 Adventurers’ Campsite. It’s a bit pricey (£14) but rather useful. The tent is resin, and the rest metal.
I’ll skip the paints this time, except for the flames.
First time I tried to paint flames, and it turned out ok, I guess.
First a coat of Vallejo 948 Golden Yellow. I then mixed 948 with Citadel Foundation Macharius Solar Orange, and painted the raised areas progressively darker. Also darker the higher up you came.  Finally drybrushed black on the top of the flames.
I'll try a bit of white in the hottest areas next time.

When I was at it, I rummaged through my collection of unpainted stuff and found a campfire from Renedra and their tent sets, and a fire pot from Reaper and included in the pack “Vaaron, Fire Sorcerer” (02561). Finished those too.


  1. Scotia Grendel and Ainsty Castings both do adventurer's tents too, should you need to expand.

    1. thanks for the tip. ) already have a couple from Renedra. they will work just as well in the Wild West

  2. Great looking camp, love it!

  3. Took longer to complete than I expected, but the result was worth it.