Monday, 5 May 2014

Another bunch of Black Scorpion Wild West figures

Another four figures, only three to go and I’m finished with all my Wild West minis for this time. They come from Black Scorpion and their Tombstone range and are made of resin.
This time I used rubberized horsehair as bushes. The two bases to the right looks okay, the other two… well… I bought a big roll of the stuff, so I can confidently base another 152 734 figures, give or take a few.
A sheriff from the single figure blister called… Sheriff.
Paints used:
Coat – 994 Dark Grey
Hat – Black with band 836 London Grey
Vest – 871 Leather Brown
Pants – Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone
Hair – Coat d’arms 223 Horse Tone Chestnut
Another man with a badge, this time from the Tombstone 3 pack.
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Hat – Black with band 836 London Grey
Shirt – 988 Khaki
Vest – P3 Gun Corps Brown
Pants - Black
This hippie-dude is from the same pack as above.
Coat – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Boots – 984 Flat Brown
Hat – 843 Cork Brown with black band
Pants – 884 Stone Grey
Shirt – 988 Khaki
A gunslinger from the Tombstone 2 pack
Boots – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Coat - 823 Luftwaffe Camo Green, inside 912 Tan Yellow
Hat – 836 London Grey
Handkerchief – Coat d’arms 240 Unbleached Wool
Pants – 884 Stone Grey
Vest – Citadel Foundation Dheneb Stone

All minis washed with Army Painter Strong Tone and Dark Tone. The latter primarily on greens, greys and dark browns.

A very warm welcome to follower Paul Waechter who has a blog of his own, Dog of War. It’s a new blog about miniatures, boardgames, history and more, and it looks very promising. Keep up the good job, Paul! I’m following.


  1. Looks like the first two was picking twigs for the camp fire.

    Have you tried rolling it into a ball for tumbleweeds?

    1. You're right...
      I'm working on that... Needs some practice

  2. Thanks for the mention Joakim :-)

    Nice bunch of gun-slingers, looks like a fun period to play. Cheers, Paul.