Sunday, 4 May 2014

Even more Wild West from Black Scorpion

Nearly ready with the Wild West Figures. After these there are just two batches left.
This feels unnatural… a project nearing completion. Must be a one-off…
Tombstone 3 pack
Paints used:
Vest – Citadel Foundation Khemri Brown
Trousers – Vallejo 983 Flat Earth
Shirt – 883 Pastel Green
Gunbelt – Formula P3 Bootstrap Leather
Shoes – 872 Chocolate Brown
Hat – 912 Tan Yellow with band 856 Ochre Brown
Army Painter Strong Tone wash over everything
From the Tombstone 2 pack
Trousers – 898 Sky Grey
Vest – 872 Chocolate Brown
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Shirt – 883 Silver Grey
Tie – 922 U.S.A. Uniform
Hat – Black with band 836 London Grey
Dark Tone wash on vest, Strong Tone over the rest
Also from the Tombstone 2 pack
Shirt – 993 White Grey
Trousers – 836 London Grey
Boots – 984 Flat Earth
Dark Tone on trousers, Strong Tone on browns
Tombstone 3
Coat – 872 Chocolate Brown
Boots – P3 Bootstrap Leather
Trousers – 870 Medium Sea Grey
Hat – 912 Tan Yellow with band 843 Cork Brown
Shirt – 820 Off White
Handkerchief – Coat d’arms 240 Unbleached Wool

Dark Tone on coat, Strong Tone on the rest


  1. Finishing a project, that is unnatural! Good thing I have a new kickstarter to tell you about...

    1. What!
      I mean... Lalalalalalala, I'm not listening

      Too late!

    3. How do I delete without looking?

      Well, not for me at the moment, anyway. Totally harmless