Saturday, 3 May 2014

Paint Table Saturday, May 3

A long time since the last look at my paint table.
So what’s happening there now?
Wild West – the final figures are on the painting table. Four of them just need to be based, the rest are close to fully painted. A project nearing completion! Well, completion…next for the Wild West are some buildings and fences, and Shadows of Brimstone will hit me early autumn, hopefully.
Winter War – A couple of primed Russians and a bunch to be prepared and primed. As soon as the wild west figures are finished these will get most of my attention. Hopefully.
Fantasy – a couple of different minis. These get a bit of paint now and then. Filler models when I’m tired of WW (Wild West or Winter War). I spy the GW giant… it will see paint… sometime this year.

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