Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sabretooth Tiger Man in 28mm

This Reaper figure, 02785 in the Dark Heaven Series and sculpted by Jason Wiebe, is another one from deep in the Tin Mountain. It had a miscast hand, and that was too big a hurdle for a long time.
Anyway, I made a mediocre attempt at sculpting, and hid the resulting mess behind a shield (from Otherworld). It actually works rather well, the figure gets a gladiator look that I quite like.
I’m not very happy with the result as he looks a bit too yellow, I should a chosen a more sand-coloured tone for his fur. Anyway, it is much better than an unpainted figure in the Mountain…
Paints used:
Fur – Vallejo 948 Gold Yellow, Army Painter Strong Tone wash, drybrushed 917 Beige and his mane got a further drybrush of 912 Tan Yellow.
Armour – 863 Gunmetal Grey drybrushed with 52 Silver
Sword – 52 Silver
Shield and loincloth – Citadel Foundation Mechrite Red with shadows painted with Army Painter Dark Tone wash.
Bag – 843 Cork Brown washed with Strong Tone
Leather belts – 984 Flat Brown, washed with Dark Tone and drybrushed with 912 Tan Yellow


  1. Very nice, very nice indeed! Viscous looking bugger. Wouldn't want my cleric to tangle with him at least not without a couple spells thrown down first.

    1. I'm told he eats clerics for breakfast

  2. Lovely work. I especially like the twig/log and the mix of tufts on the base. A good base really makes the figure stand out.