Thursday, 30 October 2014

Arabs and mummies from Blue Moon

The last figures from the Blue Moon Box (find the adventurers here). These are the locals, both living and not fully living…
These living locals with their white clothes inspired me to dig out my Winter War Finnish troops. The idea was to continue with white, but fate wanted something else, something for the next post, which will be about unboxing Brimstone.
Not much to say about the paints, but the white robes where primed with Vallejo Foundation White, washed with AP Dark Tone and drybrushed Vallejo Off White. For the Finns I will try this and a couple of other basecoats to see what works best.
The mummies where washed with AP Strong Tone, otherwise the same.

So, that was the Blue Moon box. Nice figures for my newly awakened pulp interest.


  1. Those look brilliant! Can I ask where you got your clear bases from?

    1. Thanks!
      The bases are from Sally 4th