Monday, 23 March 2015

Brimstone – Order from Chaos or how to store all your stuff

I had a conversation on this topic just now and thought I might as well show how I store my Brimstone cards and tokens.
My boxes of Shadow of Brimstone City of Ancients and Swamps of Death contain a lot of stuff. A huge lot of stuff. Cards, tokens, more cards, dice, even more cards and a token or two extra. With all expansions there are going to be even more.
As soon as I opened the boxes I understood that I had a catastrophe in waiting here. It was going to be a real mess if I didn’t have everything organized.
I went to Clas Ohlson, every hobbyists best friend (if you live in Sweden, Norway, Finland, UK and UAE where there are stores), to find suitable storage systems.
For my tokens I use this box
The orange dividers are removable to suit your needs.

My cards go into this box
I’ve tried to sort the cards into suitable stacks to have an easy time setting up the game and finding for example world-specific cards. I've still got a bit of optimization to do.
Tiles go into one of the Brimstone boxes. I store the minis in Alex and for travelling I have some carrying cases for the smaller ones.

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