Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pulp Alley on the Tibetan Plateau – an AAR

Here’s a short AAR from the Pulp Alley game we played at the club this Saturday. Unfortunately my camera decided to commit a slow hara-kiri (RIP) just that day so the pics are of a less than optimal quality (those that had any quality at all, that is). Lost a bit of the action, I’m afraid.
We were a lot of newcomers to the game (me included as this was my first game. I have read the rules, though, and like them a lot) and a few veterans. Three leagues (teams) were pre-made and we had two players per team and one umpire.
The good side – the Archaeologists – led by Montana Smith. Also starring Marion Deadwood and some cannon fodder.
The evil Norwegians led by a brother of the more well-known Roald Amundsen (unfortunately the photo of their team-paper was a total loss so I don’t remember the rest)
The very evil Independent Phrenologists (yeah, sure, we know they are Nazis) led by Professor der Phrenologie Dr. Konrad Kopfgelände and his trusted companion Nurse Sigrid (shudder).
Archaeologist close to the camera at the right corner, Norwegians at the far right corner and phrenologists at the far left. Crappy pic…
We started in different corners and had to get our clues across the board to get them to safety. But first we had to get the clues.
We got the major plot point (an ancient document) due to the fact that we were Good (or, it might have been a lucky die-roll). Unfortunately a loathsome monster burst through the ground to try to protect the elder scroll. Montana Smith, being a true hero, quickly disposed it.
The evil Nazis got two minor plot points, an unconscious scientist and a generator (or something similar, I don’t remember exactly). They got jumped by three crazed cultists not wanting to part with their ill-gained treasures. Unfortunately for them they had to part with their own lives and heads as the phrenologists wanted them for measurements.
The Norwegians found two boxes (minor plot points) and a Yith found them (it’s a not-too-nice Cthulhu monster, this one produced by RAFM). 
That was one monster that didn’t intend to die and it followed heroes/villains the whole game and made life generally miserable.
(The camera went steadily down-hill from here. Just a couple useful pics left) 
From here on all leagues did their best to cross the table and take pot-shots at each other. Some sabotage (in the form of challenges played by other characters) were committed.
The cowardly Norwegians led the Yith towards our heroes. When that couldn’t stop Montana Smith they did one last frantic effort to stop him. One of their thugs tried violence on Montana but at that moment Montana started to parley with him and convinced the rascal that the true enemy were the Nazis (we played the Parley challenge forcing everyone involved to abstain from fighting or running. A hilarious moment as I started to parley with the Norwegian players and when that went downhill slapped the card in front of them. Cheering ensued.) and then he slipped away.
At this time the game would end with the Norwegians in the lead with one plot point exited: That was not to be as the Phrenologists knew who knew their real enemies were (the Amundsen gang) and played one of their cards extending the game with one round. That was enough for them to exit one (or two?) of their plot points, making them happy. It also gave Montana his chance to exit giving victory to the good guys.
The Good side won, just as it is supposed to be.

They also wrote history, just as the winners always do. It is therefore a guarantee that the above is the absolute truth. Honestly.

This was a very fun game and I’m in the process of forming my very own league, Corpo di Spedizione Santa Sede, for a campaign in the club. More on that soon.

Now I'm off to Gothcon in a couple of hours. 
Our own Påskkärring (approximately Easter Witch) from last year.
Have a nice weekend!


  1. Cool post, pulp games are quite good

    1. We had great fun and decided to start a club campaign there and then.

  2. Great stuff! Pulp Alley battle reports always look like a blast! I've got the rules but haven't had a chance to give them a go yet...really need to remedy that!

    1. You do!
      Very cinematic, especially if you have a Norwegian with a 1930s camera there.

  3. Now that's a Pulp game! Wonderful models and terrain. Looks like you'll have a great time at Gothcon too!

    1. I was a great geme, indeed.
      Gothcon was great, I just got home and I am tireeeeeed!

  4. Camera problems aside it was a good report. Hope you had fun at Gothcon. I need to do some pulp gaming. Add it to the list.

    1. Thank you and we had a great time at Gothcon, I'm writing a report on that.
      Everyone should do some pulp gaming!