Thursday, 26 November 2015

Dust – a game of Dust Warfare, Axis vs SSU

The set-up. SSU starts in the near left corner and Axis in far right.
It was a long time ago I last had a game of Dust Warfare (and then I just had a couple of practice games) and now at last Thomas and I had a go at each other at the club.
We were both really rusty when it came to the rules, but practice makes perfect and I fully intend to practice.
The good guys - the SSU. Clear based painted by me and the other by Thomas. Unfortunately some original unpainted ones as we haven't had time to paint everything... or even a small amount of what we have. I'm trying to crank out a unit a week now to rectify that.
The Axis, played by Thomas. Just one unpainted hero there. They should win...

You might think there is a certain grim-dark look of the buildings, but I’m told that that is an authentic neo-empire look was all the rage in the Soviet Union in 1947. Figures...

The SSU set-up
and Axis.
The battlefield from the viewpoint of a common Axis grunt.
What can we hit from here?
First turns is only manouvering, trying to get good firing positions. I place my BR 47 self-propelled anti-tank gun in a hull down position that proves to be extremely powerful later on. All of my soldiers in the center of the board takes cover behind a stone wall, also a good defensive place.
Axis troops walking around doing nothing much :-)
More troops taking cover behind walls and my Chinese (unpainted) volunteers prepares to climb up to the first floor. They will take heavy losses, being unpainted...
The sniper rifles of my Rifle Squad proves to be rather effective against Thomas' walker. They won't knock it out but they damage it. 
My troops in well protected positions.
Kaboom! The BR 47 pays its cost as it destroys the Axis light walker. Urrah!
And soon there after it takes out the heavy walker also. Urrah! Great performance from that cheap vehicle.

At this point Thomas starts swearing and looks rather disgusted. I taunt him, of course, and we call it a day.

A good day, if I might say so J

Welcome McSver/Tim McDowall with the blog Battleshed Diaries, a blog on what’s happening in said shed. Really worth a look as there is a wide variety of topics to look at.


  1. I've always been tempted by this game and seeing the splendid table isn't helping my resolve!

    1. The figures are great and the Dust Warfare rules are good (in a beer and pretzels kind of way)
      Now is the time to buy miniatures as they are on sale here and there - the reason is a failed kickstarter and failed relations between producer (Dust Studios) and (ex) distributor (Battlefront). Both companies screwed up and let the backers hanging and their relations burning in full view of everyone. Sad.

  2. Nice little AAR it does look great as well!

  3. Great looking game! But what on earth are those unpainted minis doing on the table?! ;)

    1. I am deeply ashamed.
      I would like to say that thet will never happen again, but....
      Anyway, I'm working on it, as is Thomas.

  4. I echo the other comments - great looking game there! It's such a pity this project nose-dived with a public spat. You are right though, now is the time to pick up the miniatures if you can!

    1. Yep, Sales all over the place. FFG (to ex-ex-distributer) have their yearly sale and a lot of great offers there (until December 1 if I remember correctly) - $5 for a pack of figures and $10 for vehicles, rules etc. Great if you're in the US and more expensive if you're outside due to postage.

  5. Nice report. Great looking game too! :)

    1. Thanks, Will.
      Another Pulp Alley report coming soon.

  6. Good fun and I am looking forward to the next game.