Wednesday 2 March 2016

Viet Minh/Viet Cong from The Assault Group

Viet Minh from TAG
The Dien Bien Phu project for Gothcon later this March is progressing. I got three packs of Viet Cong soldiers from The Assault Group last week and they will serve well as Viet Minh soldiers.
Pack #VCS001 Viet Cong with PPSh 41
You mostly have to buy Viet Cong soldiers as DBP Viet Minh but you have to be careful to get their weapons to match those in use at the time.
I picked three suitable packs from their Up Country/Viet Cong range. They are armed with the Soviet PPSh 41 SMG and French MAT 49 SMG and MAS Mle 36 rifle.
Pack #VCS002 Viet Cong with MAT 49
The figures are sculpted by Richard Ansell and rather pulpy in style. I intend to use them in pulp-games in the future, so they all got clear bases.
Pack #VCS004 Viet Cong with MAT Mle 36
Fast paint-work on all of them. Essentially just block painting with a wash.

A couple of pics of a test-game we did this weekend. The terrain is obviously not ready yet, we had to use some Soviet Winter War figures as Viet Minh and the Chaffee doesn’t really look like a Chaffee.
Viet Minh in their works-as-trenches
Tha back-end of the table with not quite finished rice paddies. The French forces' objective is to exit at least one unit off the left board edge.

French Colonial Paras attack. The white ovals will be bamboo-groves.
We use Chain of Command rules from Too Fat Lardies and play-test the Indochina lists.
Anyway, we had great fun and our courageous Viet Minh beat the snot out the French troops. I guess there weren’t that many Viet Minh left after the fight, but that usually didn’t concern the Viet Minh high command.
How about close combat against a foe on overwatch. We're elite after all, and French. For the glory! What could possibly go wrong?
To be fair, the Viet Minh human wave attack didn't fare much better... Close combat is short and brutal.
This is where you find us on Gothcon.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the finished table!

    1. I think we all are
      it's distributed in several places now, so it will be seen in all its glory during Gothcon.
      Pics will be taken.

    2. I am hoping that Jocke will be our Brigitte ( and act as embedded reporter during some of the games.

    3. Better Brigitte than Beatrice...

  2. It is all coming together really well.

    1. Yes, I think it is. We seem to be able to have everything ready in time and nothing will be varnished the night before we leave.