Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Zombicide: Black Plague wave 2

Got a box just before a trip to the summer place, the last stuff from the Zombicide: Black Death kickstarter. Did a fast unboxing and here it is, a bit late. I let the pictures speak for themselves, and will just say that I will really enjoy painting these and game with them.
I didn’t finish painting all the minis from wave 1 before this came along, but managed 10 more zombies. Just a few more and the basic game is all finished.

I really look forward to start painting more characters.

I got another big box delivered the other day, Wave 2 from the Mercs: Recon kickstarter. More rules and minis. When will it end?

Something that doesn't seem to end are the hits on this blog. It's usually around 8-10K a month, but last month it jumped up to 35K. That would be fun if those extra hits were actual people, but it seems to be bots. Really annoying and continuing. 
Anyway, they say they originate from the US, uses Macs with Chrome... Sigh. I just wonder why.

Welcome new Google+ follower Bacon Fat with Baconfat Log, a blog on this and that in miniatures. Check it out!

Also a warm welcome to Herman van Kradenburg with blogs Aircraft Nut and Wargames Obsession and Trouble in the Border Provinces, all worth a look!


  1. Thats a lot of minis to paint - look forward to seeing the finished project! :)

    1. That will probably take a week or two (or was that year...?)

  2. Great to see that all arrived safely - have fun.