Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, part 3. Space, helicopters, spyplanes and more

When we were finished with the aviation hangar (you can see the civilian planes in part 1 and the military ones in part 2) at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum, it was time for the space hangar. There we found space vehicles, missiles, spy planes, helicopters and some odds and ends.
A JB-2, something as unusual as an US-made V1. It was meant to be used during the invasion of mainland Japan, but was never used in combat.
A Soviet Foton unmanned capsule
A replica Lunokhod 1, the first remotely controlled vehicle to travel on the moon in 1970.
From space to helicopters.
A Bell AH-1F Cobra
From copters to spyplanes.
That's a big motor...

It's a SR-71 Blackbird from 1962. Wow.
A Teledyne-Ryan AQM-34N Firebee, a photo-recon drone used in Vietnam and over China in 1967-71.
A Lockheed  GTD-21B drone. Another spydrone from the 60s.
A  Mohawk
A F- 86 H Sabre undergoing renovations.
 That’s just a part of what you could find in there, but my company was starting to grow tired and we had an hour drive home.
Outside one could see lots of planes, but the heat made us retreat back to the AC of our car.
Planes on the other side of the parking lot. There were actually lots of planes all around the hangars. If only I had had more time...
There were even some AFVs. 
That was a taste of the museum and I hope you enjoyed it.
I give Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum a 5 out of 5 score, as it is well worth a visit even if you’re not an aviation freak. Simply great and give it a whole day, because you will need it. 


  1. Very nice. Looks like a great museum.

  2. A great museum for sure. I agree, you will need a day!

  3. Nice write up, it is funny the have an OV1-D Mohawk, I have 4 hours logged flying in the right seat of one of these birds when I was in the Army stationed in Korea. Boy I am old....

    1. You're THAT old?!
      When you say so, you do look... I mean.. really?