Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Dust – Ranger Attack Squad

After a game of Dust 1947 at Gothcon during Easter I was really hooked on the new version. I bought the new rule-book and also new cards for Axis and Allies (SSU was sold out).
I already got quite a lot of Axis forces painted, so it is time to paint up some Allies.
First up is the Ranger Attack Squad. Close Combat specialists with 2 flamethrowers and 3 shotguns.
I’ve tried out some different colours on these, to get a suitable colour scheme to use for all allied troops. I need some more tests to get everything right. Right in this case is to get troops to look different from the SSU and also, and very importantly, to make them easy to paint. Essentially basecoats and washes and certainly no camouflage (it might be pretty but takes far too much time to finish). Easy, fast and looking decent – that’s my Dust-motto!

Easy! Fast! Decent!
That is THE way to paint Dust-figures! Got it?!
Welcome Google+ follower Amera Plastics, makers of the very useful vac-formed terrain I’ve had much fun with.


  1. 'Easy, fast and looking decent' looks pretty damn fine to me!

    1. These guys are ready-primed, takes paints really well and more or less paints themselves. That's the reason I can do fast paintjobs with rather good results.

  2. Replies
    1. and more to come.
      Much more.. do I really have that much Dust-stuff!? What was I thinking?

  3. Replies
    1. That's the beauty with these - they always look great.

  4. And now you've got me started as well. Moving stuff into storage this weekend, pretty sure I have some boxes of Dust stuff that I can bring out.