Thursday, 7 September 2017

Conan – Pirates and Dark Demon

So, I actually manage to speed-paint (i.e., compared to my usual speed…) a larger bunch of Conan figures. The five Bossonian Archers were a test-run and these Pirates were the real thing.
I did it! 15 minis in about a weeks’ time. A record and as a bonus they don’t look half bad. Yay!
They’re primed dark brown, block painted and washed.
Suddenly it looks as if it is possible to play Conan with painted minis in the not to distant future.
The Dark Demon was a very fast paintjob. Primed black, a couple of highlight and fangs. Done in next to no time.
Next in the queue are more Bossonian soldiers, but I’ve prepared some other minis, too, just to prevent madness.


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    1. Thanks, Phil!
      Really satisfied with how it all turned out

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    1. :-)
      The 15 Bossonian soldiers are cleaned and washed just now...

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    1. Thanks, it wasn't as bad doing it as expected :-)

  4. Smashing stuff, love the pirates very much :-)

    1. Hi Darryl!
      Lots of amazingly good sculpts in that box.