Monday, 30 October 2017

Dust – Red Fury/Red Rain

Dust beckoned me again, and this great piece, the BR-47, hit the painting table.
 This kit for the SSU-faction includes two versions, where you can use the chassis for either the Red Fury armed with an anti-tank gun, or Red Rain where you’ve got an artillery piece.
The crew is three men for either case and I got four men with the kit, so there is essentially a choice of commanders.
It’s a great model, made all the better for the royal whupping it gave Thomas in a game of Dust ages ago. The Red Fury, well protected behind a wall, picked off half his army. Sweet memories…

A SSU walker is awaiting paint now. Dust-minis is such a joy to paint.

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  1. Smashing looking miniatures Joakim, very nicely painted :-)

    1. They are really fun to paint. Must finish more of them and game with painted pieces.