Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Monster Nest and a skull pillar

I’ve been painting some terrain-pieces in between all those picts.
The Monster Nest from Oathsworn Miniatures is a nice little piece that I’m sure will see action.

The Skull Pillar comes from RAFM and will serve well as a plot point in Pulp Alley. The little pile of skulls is from the same company, and… well, you can never have to many piles of skulls.


  1. Nice additions to the collection Joakim :)

    1. Hi Frank!
      They certainly are! I really like them

  2. Brilliant! Always enjoy seeing your terrain pieces, perfect additions to adding some atmosphere as usual :)

  3. Nice.

    I am curious, when you paint up fun little terrain bits like this - do you have a specific scenario in mind, or does it just look like something fun to paint up that you'll figure out a scenario to use it in later? I'd be a mix of both, but probably more the latter.

    1. Hi Tim!
      I seldom have a specific scenario in mind, but instead think broadly on what I can use a piece for. When we play at the club we usually have rather scenery-heavy gaming boards.
      So I think the skull pillar will se use as a plot point in Pulp Alley and scatter terrain in fantasy and pulp games. The nest is also perfect as a plot point or maybe hazardous terrain (hehe) in Pulp Alley, and could see use in Frostgrave: Archipelago. THe skull pile, well that is simply useful everywhere :-)
      Useful pieces that can see lots of different uses.
      Sometimes, though, it is very focused on one thing, for example the harbour I built a couple of years ago (see 28mm Harbour tag) where I was unusually focused on one thing for one scenario.
      So, mainly fun pieces that will see broad uses.