Friday, 21 September 2018

Wheels for my 28mm heroes

I’ve been looking for vehicles for my games, both pulp, 70’s and modern.
I found the Mini Cooper (1/43 scale) and the truck (about 1/50 scale I guess) at a gigantic flea market the other week. They will come in handy with our up-coming zombie-game (Hjärnor/Brains) set in Sweden.
The 1953 Cadillac (also 1/43 scale) was bought in a shop months ago and will be useful for both 70’s and modern. I think I have to paint up some Raggare to cruise the neighbourhood and bash some zombie-heads.
I will re-paint the truck into a park management vehicle or something like that. The other two look good as they are.
The 1/43 vehicles are obviously a bit big compared to the 28mm minis, but they will have to do.


  1. The Caddie sure looks nice. I usually find the high gloss paint stands out quite a lot on the table. With some of mine I sprayed them with a Matt varnish after masking the windows. They then matched my painted vehicles but I thought they were than a bit too dull for newish cars!
    Sometimes you just can't win! :)

    1. I might try a satin-varnish, as it is a useful in-between.