Friday, 7 September 2018

Blood Rage: Frost Giant

Blood Rage is probably the best game I have in my game collection, but it is unfortunately played far too seldom. Now it’s at the club as we really want to see it more often on the gaming table. 
It’s at the club and the half-finished Frost Giant stood on the painting table… not a good combo.
I have far too many half-finished minis and this one was a good reason to try to get them painted. As usual it didn’t take that much time to actually finish this one, and when I started it was lots of fun, as the mini is great.
So here it is painted and ready for a trip to the club.
Now I’m starting on a few of those other not-finished minis. With some luck they will be all be painted in the not too distant future.
He's huge, as giants tend to be.


  1. Not heard of Blood Rage but will be looking it up, nicely painted Giant Joakim :-)

    1. Blood Rage is absolutely worth a look. Think Ragnarök, vikings, Norse gods. All rules are broken, making them work. A rules-masterpiece.