Monday, 3 September 2018

June to August – Miniatures Tally

Minis from Shadows of Brimstone, useable for other games too.
Summer was, as always, rather slow painting-wise, so I’ve bundled all the summer months into one tally-post.
Animals are always useful, from tiny dogs to large dinosaurs.
So here is summer summed up:
Total: - 31
SAGA archers, hero Athalanta from Mythic Battles: Pantheon, Morgan from Zombicide Black Plague, and a ghoul
2 T-34 tanks in 1/72 scale for 2 points.
Oops – I seem to have backed Cthulhu – Death May Die, and with that come a lot of minis. 84 to be precise. Cthulhu/pulp-stuff is my kryptonite…
Total: 86
Two Baddies from Rise of Moloch, a nun and two soldiers from Mercs.
Sold or given away:
I gave away at least 100 1/72 minis; WWII late war brits, commandos and 8th Army, and also a Char B.
Total: - 51

Bought:         191
Painted:         -97
Sale:             -180
Total:            - 86

Assorted scenery bits. Not counted in the tally, but still finished.
The year is still in the minus-field, that is, the tin- and plastics-mountain is getting smaller! But that has only been possible thanks to rather massive sell-offs, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But I only have that much stuff that I actually want to sell, so this can’t go on for ever…

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