Monday, 24 September 2018

Female Witch Doctor

The first tribe member for my Paleo Diet: Eat or be Eaten campaign. I got her from the Female Forest Tribe kickstarter. Delivery is unfortunately way behind schedule, and I’m still waiting for some spear-women and riders, but the resin-minis are really very good. Well worth the wait!
I think of her as the Chieftain of the hunting party, and probably a Shaman, Thinker or Healer.
Now I just have to finish three more females and I will have enough figures to start gaming.
If you like the looks of this, or the other figures from the kickstarter, then they will probably soon be available at Heroes of the Dark Age.


  1. Lovely. I wouldn't want to meet her in a dark forest. Makes me almost want to watch that Mel Gibson film, Apocalyptica about Mayans or some such, quite grisly I am told.

    1. I'm told she's a really nice person, behind that mask... and when she's not sacrificing you...