Tuesday, 2 July 2019

7TV – After action report

I’ve dusted off my 7TV rules, at last, and we (me, Koen, Thomas and my son David) had two games at the club the other week.
A nice Tatooine village. All scenery is 3D-printed, except the hills, barriers and, obviously, the lichen. (Thank you, Director Koen, for the pics from the Tatooine studio)
We used the Star Wars unofficial programme guide and had a great time.
The heroic defenders of justice, free enterprise and scrap-heaps.
The game is made to emulate typical B-movies, and you shouldn’t be surprised when scenery (i.e. props) suddenly moves a bit, figures change place or a killed character suddenly is back (due to him/her being a favourite of the audience). Everything is possible and you should take it with a laugh, because that is really what the game is all about.
Boba Fett hiding. He will soon switch place with one of my co-stars due to a script error. That will result in much shooting and, eventually, death.
A carnival! Yay! Except this is a Carnival of Horror!
This week-end I had Laffe over for another game, this time it was the Scooby Doo gang (another unofficial supplement) against a bunch of cultist. We used the carnival scenery I used in a Pulp Alley-game a while back, which made it feel just like an episode of the original series. 
Scooby and Shaggy find a plot point much to their liking.
Where do you find plot points? At the information booth, of course
Killer Clowns doing their thing, but Fred's actor plays the diva-card, so they can't fight him for a crucial round.
Except in this episode the gang was more or less obliterated as the cultist took no prisoners (or at least didn’t keep them longer than it takes to say “human sacrifice”). Shaggy and Scooby survived, as the live audience had enough and axed the cast.
Zoinks! Let's run!
The game, a ‘battle’, was a bit uneven, as most of the Scooby-gang weren’t made for fighting, so we’ll have another go with another scenario, one more suited to their characters.
All in all, we had a blast. A great set of rules that will see much action in the future.

A couple of actors dressed as 3D-printed ewoks come over from another set to have a look at the Tatooine studio.


  1. Yeah it was great fun!
    You should paint the ewoks as teletubbies, they are obviously meant for a childrens' show!

    1. I just printed them. The rest is Koen's fault!

  2. Great gaming-boards. I myself is also planning to start playing Star wars-games but my setup will be more like Space-Hulk or inside the Jabba the Hut-castle or maybe the shabby bar in Mos Eisley.

    1. I think we will probably use my Battle Systems SciFi terrain for that.
      These rules will see lots of action

  3. Wow Joakim not movies in a hell of a long time & then your studio puts out two together :)
    Great looking set ups & seemed great fun.

    1. Yeah, I've had a bit of a slump when it comes to AAR:s, haven't really had the energy. But I think there will be more

  4. Nice pics. I love 7TV and I am looking forward to trying the new additional rules in the Pulp set this weekend at the coming Wargames illustrated Pulp Day.

    1. Yeah, the pulp rules... I feel a purchase coming up...