Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Halflings from Reaper and GW

The first halfling/hobbit is “Pip Thistletoe”, no 2057 from Reapers’ Dark Heaven Legends series, and he is sculpted by Sandra Garrity. A lovely little figure I bought a couple of years ago. It’s got one weak spot, namely the sling, which broke off from the hand, so I had to pin it.
Paints used. Trousers: Vallejo 886 Green Grey, shirt: 971 Green grey, jerkin: 876 Brown Sand, belt: 875 Beige Brown, hair: 818 Red Leather. Coated with Army Painter Strong Tone and a final coat of Vallejo matte varnish.
Next in line is a halfling from, I think, Games Workshop’s Mordheim line. I bought it a long time ago, and it ended up half painted in the tin-mountain. As it is GW it is probably impossible to get now, outside the second hand market, that is.
It’s a neat little figure with full adventuring gear. Paints: Jacket: Formula P3 Traitor Green, helmet: Vallejo 054 Gunmetal Metal, belt/bag/quiver: 875 Beige Brown, hair: 981 Orange Brown, blanket: 991 Dark Sea Grey, trousers: 884 Stone Grey, fish: 052 Silver with a wash of 936 Transparent Green. Coated with Army Painter Strong Tone and a final coat of Vallejo matte varnish.


  1. Nice. I like the hair colour you´ve done on the slinger.

  2. The reaper halfling is much more "alive" than the GW, thanks to the better pose. Nice painting on both.

  3. @Paul
    I'm experimenting with red hair. I have a figure where I want have really red hair, we'll see how it turns out.
    Absolutely, you can feel the age of the GW figure. Also Sandra Garrity is a very talented sculptor.