Monday, 7 May 2012

Hellbeast from Heresy

This demonic doggie is “Hellbeast (looking left)” from Heresy Miniatures. Great mini, but a lot of work with green stuff because it comes in seven pieces; torso, 4 legs, head and jaw. If you’re not discouraged by that then it really looks cool.

I was rather discouraged, as green-stuffing isn’t my strongest skill, but the other month I mined the tin-mountain for a lot of figs that I had put together but not green-stuffed. They tend to collect in the mountain…  I spent a couple of evenings kneading green-stuff and silently cursing... You have seen some of them painted already, and more will come in the next couple of weeks. Practice makes better, I guess, and I curse less now… 
Nice doggie!
Colours used:
Skin: Vallejo 859 Black Red with a black wash
Claws, teeth and spines: Vallejo Game Colour Bone White with a wash of Citadel Devlan Mud
Mouth and tongue: Citadel Scab Red with a highlight of Citadel Blood Red.
Eyes: Blood Red
Chain: Citadel Chainmail with wash of Devlan Mud.

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