Thursday, 29 August 2013

Pz I in 1/72 from Minairons Miniatures

Got one Pz I A from Minairons from Thomas of Learning by Doing. I've been interested in this company for a while, so this little gift was most welcome.
A box comes with three tanks, each comprising of 9 parts (and an alternate turret). This is obviously a fast-build and as such it is somewhat simplified, as you can see. With the kit is a sheet of decals – early German, Koumintang Chinese and Spanish Nationalist. The crosses on this one comes from my own stash. 
The kit went together easily, and I painted it, as usual, as an early war tank. Checking my references I norticed that many Pz I:s were without numbers on their turrets, and being lazy I skipped them on this one - I concentrated on fast in fast-build...
All in all a very useful kit. Strongly recommended if you’re interested in early war Pz I:s for your wargaming and isn’t bothered by it being a bit simplified.

An variant with a 20mm Breda anti-tank gun, used very sparingly in the Spanish Civil War. Four made, I think.


  1. Looks an excellent ready-to-roll model!
    I saw in the website that they have the command version and also a T-26 box
    One to keep a close eye on

    1. It is well worth your money.
      Thomas has built the T-26, see first post here
      and check out the later posts.
      I haven't seen the Pz I command version, and as I already have a resin one, I think I will pass.
      Anyway, a good company

  2. Nice, excellent additions

  3. Nice looking kit, I'll have to check them out.

    1. yep, comapny is well worth checking out now and then, or sign up for their newsletter.