Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Vacation, Chain of Command and crowd funding

Been at the summer place in the Stockholm archipelago for the last four weeks, so updating has been rather low. No models, no paints and no reliable internet connection, meaning nothing much has happened on the modelling front.
Sunset from the island
But I’m back in town now and itching to paint and do wargaming stuff.
First off I have started to unpack some Terraclips dungeons, and you will see reviews of all of their terrain shortly.

I didn’t jump on the Call of Cthulhu Indiegogo campaign, it just didn’t take off. Unfortunate, but I think their set-up asked for it, it was simply dangerous to jump in early. They made a somewhat better deal, but not enough to spark interest. I might buy some of their miniatures when they become available, though.

Still waiting for my stuff from the Otherworld Indiegogo. Hugely disappointed at Otherworld at the moment. Why?
- Shipments are delayed. First batch should have started shipping in January. That could be OK, but the thing is that shipments of the first of two packs started about five months ago, and it is still not finished. We’re talking about less than 250 backers, so he’s sent about two packets a day…
- Communication – or rather lack off. Very infrequent updates on the campaign homepage, not good when you’re massively late. Also no mail to the backers when he has sent a parcel. So, maybe he sent mine five months ago and it got lost.
- You can now buy a lot of the figures in Otherworld’s shop. This is, I think, a deadly sin for crowd funding. Your backers should get their stuff before you start to sell them.
So I’m not happy about this, which is unfortunate as I really like what Otherworld produces.

Some good news. Too Fat Lardies will release their new platoon-size wargames rules Chain of Command on August 21st. Absolutely recommended, and you can find a lot of information on how it plays from their Lard Island News blog, among other things a few very informative videos.
At the moment they take advance orders that seem to get good value for your money. I just ordered the Big Bundle and look forward to the PDF on the 21st and the dead-tree version a couple of days later.


  1. I agree that putting crowdfunded merchandise in your shop before your backers get them is poor taste. It's also pretty dumb and short sighted since the backers that didn't get their stuff early will not back your next project.

    Good work ordering the big bundle. Will you then be using 28mm figures since you got the jump off points?

    1. You'll get the jump-off points with the "Complete Bundle", the Big one is without.
      I'll try to stick with my 20mm stuff, then I could start playing immediately.
      So should you... :-)

    2. Ah, yes you are right. And I will do it in both scales :-)