Monday, 31 August 2015

A Fistful of Baggage from Great Escape Games

‘A Fistful of Baggage’ is a great little resin-set of approximately 20 different boxes, bags and other baggage scaled for 28mm gaming. I bought it from Great Escape Games for my Dead Man’s Hand games, but it will work equally well in historical settings and Pulp.
Pulp is where it will see action now as we play a Pulp Alley campaign at the club and it will go there today for a game.
All pieces need quite a lot of cleaning but not in any way difficult.
Wood painted in different browns and metal was painted Gunmetal Grey. Everything washed with Army Painter Strong Tone ink and the wood was drybrushed with Buff.
Quickly done and the result is a nice selection of scatter terrain that will come in handy in a warehouse in Istanbul, Soerabaja Harbour and elsewhere.


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    1. Great.
      They are really useful and affordable.

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    1. Thanks Francis and welcome back to the blogosphere

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    1. I think so to, and they didn't need much work to be good enough for gaming.
      They actually served well in tonight Pulp Alley-game at the club

  4. Very nice! Little extras like these really add to the game I think.

    1. Thank you. You're absolutely right, it's these small things that makes a game come to life.
      Can't have too much clutter :-)