Thursday, 13 August 2015

Basilisk from Reaper

It summer and I’ve been at our summer-place (in the archipelago and with very limited internet) and also on Gotland (more on that in a future post) so I haven’t had much time to model or write blog-posts. That will hopefully change now!
There’s a lot of half-finished stuff on the painting table at the moment. I had a small break from Soerabaja Harbour and all the ships and boats and instead started with some fantasy figures for a change.
This one is a Basilisk from Reaper and their Bones II Kickstarter and it doesn’t seem to have been released yet. I removed the integrated base and instead put it on a clear base from Sally 4th. Needed a bit of trimming to look good but nothing major.
Basecoated with Vallejo Foundation White and washed with Army Painter Dark Tone Ink to show the details and reveal the mould lines I had missed cleaning off.
It then got a coat of Vallejo 984 Flat Brown followed by a wash of AP Dark Tone. Then drybrushed with Vallejo 984 Flat Brown, 875 Beige Brown and a final highlight of 876 Brown Sand. Throat and general underside got a drybrush of 877 Gold Brown. Claws are black and fangs Bone White. Eyes were painted with Citadel Scorpion Green and they got a coat of gloss varnish while the rest of the mini was protected with matte varnish. Done!
Don't look him in the eyes!
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