Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Cave walls

I have four different rock moulds from Woodland Scenics that I have moulded ‘rocks’ in already. I used DAS Modelling Material instead of plaster as it isn’t as brittle.
Mould C1230 Outcroppings in action 
Some of the rocks have been used already but most were stored (read: forgotten) in a box.
The result drying on a piece of paper towel.
The first use was when we did our Chain of Command Western Desert games. Here I used mainly C1231 Surface Rocks and a few pieces from C1232 Boulders. They blend in well in the desert landscape.
Thomas in action during last years terrain building weekend.
A painted bead-sheet, "rocks" and sand makes a good-looking desert
British infantry advances among Woodland Scenics Surface Rocks
The moulds C1230 Outcroppings and C1233 Embankments are bigger and higher and just didn’t lend themselves to the desert. But they do look great as cave walls and that is where they will be used in the future.
I’ve used all sorts of ways to represent dungeon walls in our D&D campaign, everything from sketched walls on paper, to chains to whatnot. Nothing looked even remotely good, but his does in my opinion.
This is a good beginning, now I’m going to mould more of these bigger rocks for even bigger caves. Fun!
Welcome Google+ follower Michel Bernard who seem to have a very widespread interest in miniatures, sort of like me.


  1. Hey, that's me! I look great! Or not.
    But your dungeon does.

  2. What goes around comes around! I've just gone and ordered some of these!

    1. Any tips for using DAS modelling clay with the molds? Never used the stuff before...

    2. It's a ready to use clay. Dries in air. I just stuff the moulds and let it dry so much that there is no problem popping everything out. A day or so for the smaller/thinner pieces and a couple of days for the solid ones.
      It's really easy to use.
      I prefer the red-brown clay before the whitish as it doesn't glare at you if you nick the colour of a corner.

    3. And as can be seen in earlier posts, glue guns work well on DAS clay. Even better than on my fingers, actually, which is a good thing!

    4. Great. Sounds nice and easy whichis the way I like it! Cheers.