Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Female Dwarf and Gnome Fighters from Otherworld

Gnome and Dwarf female fighters from Otherworld
Another couple of great female adventurers from Otherworld Miniatures.
They are dwarfed by the human fighter. They should be, I guess.
The female dwarf is really small, even compared to other dwarves. A bit to small in my opinion.
DAD13 - Female Dwarf Fighter on a clear base from Sally 4th.
She even got sensible gear. I do like the Otherworld adventurers.
DAD16 - Female Gnome Fighter
Equipped for a week of spelunking.
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  1. Very nice...but yeah she is small, isn't she? More halfling like really.

    1. I think she will probably see action as a halfling or maybe a gnome

  2. Lovely work I love the OW Gnomes I keep meaning to add the female Dwarf to my band of Demi-Humans.

    1. Thank you, Simon!
      I really like Otherworld. Essentially all they do.

  3. Very nice figures, JS. I quite like the sensibly dressed dwarf lady. I am not sure I would like a dwarf lady in chain mail bikini and a beard!

    1. Thanks, Michael
      Sensibly dresses figures are always preferable, but in the case of female dwarves even more so :-)
      Also, I'm not into this female dwarves with beard thing... In my worlds they are beardless, period.