Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Star Vampire from RAFM

After far too much hassle I finally got the last missing figures from RAFM and their two terribly late and missmanaged kickstarters. Well, it was mostly everything but they failed sending one of the missing figures - after I had waited for three months for them to even acknowledge that they had read my mails to them (one mail per month and not a peep) and they then sent two of three missing minis. Annoying and certainly a company that won’t see me as a customer in the future but I do have quite a lot of unpainted resin and metal from them.
Anyway, one of the minis I got from their Cthulhu kickstarter was this one, a Star Vampire. A very strange creature that I wasn’t even certain I would paint. I let my daughter pick monsters and characters now and then for me to paint just for the fun of it and this was the first of the monsters. Well timed as it turned out.
This is actually a four-part metal model, but I skipped the strange arms that came with it and just pinned and glued the tentacle-foot-thingie in place and did a rather fast paintjob. It’s also pinned to the transparent base from Sally 4th.

It saw action in yesterday’s Pulp Alley game, of which you will learn more shortly.
Update. I see it is called Star Leech on the RAFM webshop.


  1. What a wonderfully bizarre creature.

  2. Cool looking monster. Sorry to hear of your woes with the kickstarter.

    1. Monster is indeed cool and it's a shame that the KS was so mismanaged as I really like what RAFM does and they have some very nice minis.

  3. What a wonderfully revolting creature! Look forward to the Pulp Alley batrep!

  4. Vilka groteska varelser du målar men snyggt blir det.Trevlig helg på dig kompis. Great work indeed.